What our customers say...

Very Impressed
I'm impressed with the service. The site is well located. The staff are friendly and helpful. The free transport service was a great help (they collect your boxes and put them into the unit). It took a huge amount of stress out of moving home and putting contents into storage!
They have gone the extra mile
I approached Storage Boost last year when I started my new business, I made several visits and was always welcomed, I explained at that time I was awaiting a new product launch which would determin my taking on a 500 cu/ft unit, I explained a few months later it was not going to happen, there was no chasing or constant calls just a polite give us a call when your ready which is what I did last month, I looked at the pros & cons of renting against taking this space, renting would be twice as expensive plus I get the use of a FLT, security, access as and when I require. I would like to thank the staff for there help over the past months they have gone the extra mile.
No Problems
I found storage boost to very useful, everything was as they said it would be and I experienced no problems at all.