Storage Boost Networking Events. The Revolution has Begun!

September 1, 2019

Networking Event


Speaking from experience, these events can be nerve-wracking, knowing who to speak to, or even what to say? You gain a form of anxiety that you never even realised you had!

So at Storage Boost Stafford, we want to create a change to the whole idea of a scary Networking Event. We believe that by eliminating the awkward “Do I or Don’t I” intimidation of starting a conversation, we could make the event a more pleasurable place to be. 

The Networking Revolution

We have decided that by introducing a relaxed environment where not only do you walk away with a new list of contacts but you also gain advice from industry professionals, it is a great step in the right direction to make networking events “the place to be”. Giving an audience a range of talking points will also take the tension away from the awkward small talk that everybody loves to hate. So, taking these points into consideration, along with complimentary refreshments and a business-boosting presentation, we have the recipe for a perfect event.

Our Event 

We started our day with a selection of breakfast nibbles so our guests could settle into their environment. We then introduced our guest speakers, Rhiannon and Darren who are the founders of Cheshire Cat Marketing. Everyone learnt about SEO, Web Design and Social Media Marketing. This was followed by a short Q&A session, where everyone could engage by asking questions and even helping each other to breakdown aspects of the presentation so that they could implement the strategies into their own businesses. Then finally there was an option for the local businesses to have a tour around our facility and the chance to network and chat to each other.

Future Events

The feedback and reactions we have received have surrounded Storage Boost in our own positive networking bubble! Local business owners who couldn’t attend have asked for invitations to our next event. We have even had 3 attendees step forward and ask if they can be our next guest speakers! We were thrilled to have such a successful morning and cannot wait for our next event.

So be sure to keep your eyes open for more events like this one in the very near future!