Storage Boost won the Best Independent Self Storage Facility of the Year Award

July 12, 2019

Storage Boost are so proud to announce that they have just won the 'Best Independent Self Storage Facility of the Year Award'.


As Staffordshire’s number one storage facility, Storage Boost are so proud to announce that they have just won the 'Best Independent Self Storage Facility of the Year Award' at the UK’s most esteemed self-storage awards, that were run by the Self Storage Association at the end of June. 

They entered the awards in 2019 in celebration of their most recent construction of the 50,000 sq ft facility on Redhill Business Park, Stone Road. The building consists of many distinct features such as a roof containing over 100 solar panels that have been installed primarily to power up the building with energy efficient lighting, sockets and charging points for electric vehicles.

It doesn’t end there - the ‘4th Generation facility’ is an establishment that is on a whole new level; with social facilities for co-workers, individual offices of various sizes, workshops, drive up units and domestic self-storage, Storage Boost cater for a wide variety of businesses and people -  all under one roof.

Their storage facilities are conveniently located next to the M6 which is followed by secure, on-site parking that’s accessible 24 hours a day with CCTV in operation at all times, making it highly secure and flexible. 

The team at Storage Boost pride themselves in giving each and every customer a remarkable service; from the first greeting through to the actual storage and/or office space. Every team member is trained to an exceptional level, so it is their aim to ensure all customers are fully satisfied with their experience using Storage Boost. They achieve this by going above and beyond to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible; for example, by providing their customers with a free van hire to transport their goods into storage.

One of the stand-out reasons why they won this highly esteemed award, is due to their innovative approach to office space. They aim to promote productivity by using natural light as their main light source, and they also design workspaces to every company’s individual needs - whether that is in size or in a workspace’s accompaniments (e.g. beverage stations). The bright, spacious construction is not only built to the highest of standards, but the service that they provide at Storage Boost is next to none. 

Nick Wood, the founder of Storage Boost said, ”We pride ourselves in giving our customers an experience that they are exceptionally happy with, whether that is to a domestic or commercial customer. We are thrilled to have won the award of 'Best UK Independent Facility of the Year’. We have tried to bring the contemporary and eco-friendly elements that most self storage facilities are lacking and are very happy to see that our attention to detail has been recognised.” 

Redhill Business Park is a replacement for their former facility on Tollgate Court which was their main base for a total of 10 years. With more profound floor space and innovative design, they knew their brand new building would lead the way within the self storage industry and this accomplishment shows that they were right.